Silent Prayer Group

There is something restorative about coming together in a prayerful atmosphere in a community of trust to sit in silence for 20 minutes. These precious minutes are a time to cease DOING and just BE! We take a moment or two to reflect on our bodies, to feel the pull of gravity, to notice how we are sitting, where the tensions are, to notice our breathing, to be aware that we are here in this one place, at this particular time – and nowhere else. An introductory word reminds us that we are here as God’s creation, living in God’s blessing, and basking in God’s love.

The Silent Prayer group at Elshieshields is now in its tenth year! Hardly believable! It started in 2009 as a Lent meeting – and has never stopped, though we do take long breaks in the summer. Some people have been with us from the beginning, others have joined, or left in the course of the years. It is an easy group to join, open and friendly to all. Our meetings begin with lots of chatter over coffee, catching up with one another. They end the same way after we have said the Grace together.

The Place: The Barn at Elshieshields, Lochmaben

The Time: 9.30 am to 10.30 am

Meetings are all noted on the Events page

Ann Shukman runs this group, and you can either email her at :

Or go to our Get In Touch page!