The Story of a Scottish Tower 1245-2016
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Some recent comments on the book: Tom Pow: ‘It’s beautiful, so beautiful! It’s lively and engaging and, of course, so interesting. Richard Sachs: ‘What a gem it is. It widens my horizons and lifts my spirits.’ Professor L.M. O’Toole: ‘Your synthesis of family memories, local documents, and myths is totally absorbing, and I read at one sitting.’ Margaret Dobie: ‘I enjoyed it so very much, it’s a wonderful record of a wonderful achievement. It brought the past up so vividly, the people and the places. Being a native of Dumfries and Galloway, I felt the love and care which had been given to this historic house was a compliment to our area.’ See also the review in Dumfries and Galloway Life, January 2019: ‘Ann’s bright, lively prose and entertaining anecdotes make it a highly engaging and absorbing read.’